Depth test
Below are pictures of coins e.t.c used in the tests
Coins used 

Left to right

1797 Cartwheel Penny  (Large high conductive)

1773 Halfpenny (Average size high conductive)

Modern 20 pence
(Similar in size to a Medieval Penny -medium Conductivity) 

Modern 5 pence
(small low conductive)

Cut quarter of a Medieval penny
(Smallest coin you will possibly find
Very low conductivity)


Hoard of 100 Mixed Coin below buried at 18''

A lot of detectors give confusing signals when passing over a hoard especially if it is mixed coinage.
This is probably why beginners find the hoards , we who have been detecting for a while would probably ignore it thinking it was a big piece of iron!

Iron Tests
Some of the iron tests are quite complicated
Tests 1 2 and 3

20 Pence buried at  8’’

2 Nails buried at  2’’ - 5'' and 8''
Directly above it

Hammered Penny buried at 2'' among 20 nails, all very rusty as they have been under the ground for 15 years now

Large rusty iron hook buried at 5'' , hammered coin buried at 3'' directly above it

Hammered Penny next to a 4'' bolt, now very rusty ,this test was set up 15 years ago

Iron tests  7 / 8 and 9

Two nails are buried at 2" , 4'' apart

Test 7 - the 20 pence is buried at 2'' between the nails

Test 8-  the 20 pence is buried at 5'' , nails remain at 2''
Test 9 - the 20 pence is buried at 8'', nails remain at 2''

Iron test  10

It's a combination of test 1/2/3/7/8/9
20 pence buried at 6"
4 Nails at 6" , 2 nails one either side and 2 on top of it
4 Nails at 7" , , 1" below the 20 pence
4 Nails at 5" ,1" above the 20 pence
A 20 pence sandwich !


Coke /Sensitivity Tests

Coke/Hot rocks are a big annoyance to most detectorists , what do we miss if we reject or ignore coke?
Most detectors nowadays either reject it or give you a clue that you are passing your coil over it, either with a broken signal or VDi numbers dancing all over the place , or both, this gives us the option to dig or not.

Some detectors will not pick Coke up at all, so the option is taken away from us.
This test allows you to see which detectors will still pick up signals that are of a similar conductivity to Coke but at the same time rejecting the Coke.



Gold chain 6" long , 10 grams
Buried at 2"

Cut quarter of a very debased Silver Medieval penny
Lower in conductivity than most
(5 Pence for scale)
Buried at 2"

Very low conductive Silver earring, hardly any metal in it at all.
Buried at 2"