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A Happy New year to you all

Only been out a couple of times in the last month or two due to on going medical problems . meaning i cannot dig or stamp a clod in

I made the mistake the other day of watching a youtube video I am still recovering from the experience! I’d love to go out with some of these clowns and blow their tests out of the water, the way they max out one detector and then detune the one they are testing it against is unbelievable, they are all obviously funded by the manufacturer/retailer and probably given a discounted/free detector to do it with.


It is much sadness that after a long battle, my friend and Detecting partner for many years lost his fight for life on Tuesday 18th January.

Julian Lee or 'Darcy' as everyone would know him by, was a gifted detectorist and very lucky (finds wise) and able to sniff out the best bits under the ground, while those around him found buttons!

His Historical knowledge was second to none.

He worked with me for several years, cleaning /testing and sometimes repairing detectors, i have loads of stories i could tell about him but below is one of them.

Sometimes i have a gut feeling about something, it does not happen very often but is always right, i had a vision that there was a Gold Coin on a particular footpath , the Footpath ran diagonally across a 15 acre field , i spent a few weeks detecting on the footpath , 10 yards either side , up and down, up and down, i was detecting with Lee at the time and he went off in the distance doing his own thing, then a car drove along the track, it was Darcy, he had been under par for a few weeks so had not been out with us, he parked up and wandered across the field to me to see if we had found anything, he said he felt a bit rough but needed to see if he was able to detect, he walked in front of me, got a signal and up popped a Gold ring with a 1960's Sovereign in it, he said he was too tired and went home, one signal , my Gold Coin ! ahgggggggggggggg

Similar things happened on many occasions i will tell more another day.

I’m sure in the future he will guide me to a nice find or two, because that’s the kind of Guy he was!

So, RIP Darcy.


Back again, i seem to have most of my medical problems under control now except my back, oh the joys of getting old!

Deus 2 yet ,but hopefully soon !

got my Nokta Legend yesterday, got to do a few more tests on it yet but will report soon


Tried the Legend on my test bed and it was very quiet , not very deep and not great among iron, i was not too impressed, went on youtube to see if i was missing something and found there was an update available , thought i'd try that before it went for sale on my website, not very straight forward to do and a novice on a computer would struggle.

Well what a transformation, signals were a lot louder , it was deep, Discrim seemed good, still not as good as most for picking stuff among iron, but not bad.

I used it on Sunday for a couple of hours and quite enjoyed it . did not dig any iron with it on a field that seemed to have more than it's fair share, it was stable and at times made me think i was using an Equinox.

So i think once Nel or Detech bring a coil out for it ?, then it will be probably be deeper than an Equinox?

Sold my Equinox yesterday and it's now on it's way to Northern Ireland, (i do have another!) could not really justify keeping two of them, as i will be keeping the Legend and my Deus 2 arrived yesterday also, so i have quite a few to use at the moment, not had chance to use the Deus yet (or even switch it on) Detector sales are manic at the moment and i cannot clean them fast enough !


It took my Deus two out on it's first outing today , i had to phone a friend last night to ask him what his settings were as he has had his Deus for a few weeks, he gave me his settings but warned me the settings he had given to me were off an earlier software version that he thought was better , i put the settings in to my Deus 11 and decided that i would run it over my test bed first to see what happening and to give me some idea of the set up, it was garbage , i had to tweak quite a lot of things to get the same results i was getting with my Deus 1, I took it out for a couple of hours, it was very stable ,very quiet i dug 20 holes and got 12 finds, Seven of the holes resulted in iron, all of them had holes in them /Iron buckle/ chain link/washer, every non ferrous find today was deep 9'' to 12'', i did not find anything shallow until the last two signals , that was a relief , seemed like it only did deep items!

I have a long long way to go with this one, but on my first trip out i noticed a lack of grey areas , it was either Yes/No or Iron with hole in it, it was just too easy, i had a brief go with it in relic mode (no discrim) , this was a field full of iron there was not a lot of feedback at all , in fact it was noisier in my General settings with the discrim on 6.

Not quite sure what is going on , but with more hours I'm sure i with find out!


Not sure what is happening lately but every new detector to appear does not seem to be the finished item, the detector is released , normally not great , then the updates appear, normally improving the detector , sometimes not, it's as if we are are all now being used as detector testers ?

There are a load of detectors sent out to the youtubers to push the detector , most of which have no idea what they are talking about, these youtubers will be putting their views forward and the updates will start, why not get the detector bang on in the first place, before it is released

A few recent examples, Garrett Apex , absolute garbage when released , Update made it nearly half decent but still garbage

C-Scope Evo, non starter, not even worth an update , who the hell was testing this one

Equinox, great detector but updates seemed to have made it whose

Nokta Legend , not great out of the box but twice as good with the first update

XP Deus 2, who knows


Went out with the Deus 11 last week to a very, very worked out site, 2 acre bankside where we have found a lot of Roman bronzes and similar over the years, been battered with Minelab GPX 5000's , thought the Deus 11 might find a few bits, but no it didn't, 3 non ferrous signals in 3 hours and the same with the Equinox.

I have found that the Deus 11 has far better discrimination ,stability and audio than the original Deus, it is a pleasure to use, can't get any more depth out of it than the Deus 1 , in fact the Deus 1 is slightly deeper, but fine margins, still working on it ! I need another 10 hours on the test bed.

It's not great on my iron tests so far, but they are difficult and it could be my settings, could be a trade off because i'm trying to get more depth out of it.

The Deus 2 is more sensitive than the Deus one, found a few Air rifle pellets at depth


Deus 11

Findings so far

Up to now it’s a very good average machine, on a par with every other top end detector on the market today for good around detecting it is not great at finding stuff among iron and cannot be used as a ‘winkling detector ‘ i.e. a detector that you can used to tease finds out of iron infested sites , but for normal detecting it does the job, it certainly (at the moment) does not do anything any different than any of my other detectors to justify me keeping it.

Still trying to get some joy out of trying to get it to at least match the Deus 1 on depth, when i try to push it i get very dodgy audio/ broken signals, i have spent hours on my test bed so far trying to get the ultimate settings’

Not every one has a test bed or the time or interest in trying to get the ultimate settings and to get the most out of a detector, so they pick a pre-set program, whack the sens up and off they go, the preset programs are very basis and do not do much at all, but if you are a plough detectorist where it’s all about running around getting all the shallow targets before the field gets seeded it’s ideal, the Discrimination is 200% better than the original Deus, the audio is better and the numbers on screen keep up with the audio signal


After another couple of hours changing settings and testing I came up with a very noisy but deep seeking program to try out tomorrow, beware when changing settings because you might not get the results you thought you might, always test your changes to see what difference they made, a lot of the options when adjusted make a lot of different, not always in a positive way, and will give very odd results, I have played about with 100’s 0f detectors to get the best out of them, this is maybe the biggest challenge I have ever had, reminds me of the C-Scope EVO 6000.

If you keep it simple then it’s excellent, but I’m trying to push it to it’s limit’s and it’s fighting back.

No point in me keeping it if it does not improve my armoury , my thoughts were if I put it on Deus Mono, which is the Deus 1,and tweak it up then it should be better then my old Deus, wrong, nowhere near.


Tried my new settings today, found loads of stuff, nothing exciting ,but a few Musket balls at about 12’’ ,also George 111 Halfpenny at similar depth, I need to now try it out on one of my worked our sites! So we will see what happens next.


Another couple of hours on the test bed tonight and i have got it going even deeper! Discrim suffers a bit but ideal for a worked out or very clean pasture site, problem is of course with a multi freq detector is that it picks up everything, if used in all metal, so if for instance there is a George 111 Halfpenny with a nail down the same hole it will average the signal out, the signal from the Halfpenny may give you a TID number of say 80 and the nail a 0 , so we end up with a TID number of 40, for you number diggers then this may be one you will leave as it's in the Silver foil area.

Overall i found 5 tones to be the best option , seems to make a big difference, with both the tones and the tone breaks as to what you you dig

My settings to follow shortly


Used it with my superdeep settings last Sunday, but it was totally the wrong field , it was full of large odd pieces of iron that you would rarely get in any field, bad choice, i had to wear my headphones around my neck because of the head banging signals i was getting, i had to move off the field fairly quickly , i put it back onto my normal detecting settings, not mind blowing, but useable .

My Super deep settings , to be used on worked out sites with little or no iron, ridge and furrow e.t.c

General as the base program or the Deep program for large objects

Discrim -6.4 (Discrimination kills the performance)

Sensitivity 98 (or whatever you can get out of it)

Freq shift 3

Iron Vol 1

Reactivity 1

Audio Response 7

5 Tones

Tone 1 202 khz-6,4

Tone 2 400 khz

Tone 3 500 khz

Tone 4 700 khz

tone 5 900 khz

B Caps off

Notch off

Silencer 0

Audio out 9

Audio type PWM

Square Audio is great until you push it to it's limits then it very dodgy, PWM is a lot clearer

Using any level of discrimination knocks the performance back

5 tones seems to be the best option

The Tones and tone breaks need a lot of work to get them as you would like them

For Normal detecting use these settings, using 'General' as a base, Square Audio is very good in this mode.

This detector is a pleasure to use in normal detecting situations, but it fights back if you try to push it, but pushed to it's limits it is better than anything out there.

My Super deep settings are as good as it gets, unless you know different!

Relic and Gold programs are useless, as is Fast, no idea what it's like on a beach not got there yet hopefully soon!


Well forget all that, back to square one!

I did the latest update tonight, 7.1 or whatever it was, run over my testbed quickly due to lack of time to see if anything had changed, my 'Normal' detecting program that is very good but not a game changer was awesome!, something had changed big time, so on to my Awesome 'game changing program', which i thought would now be unbelievable , it was terrible , yesterday it was awesome, so back to the drawing board, i'll get back on the test bed and sort something out, better be quick before the next update comes out!

But the best detector ever is in there somewhere, it's just about finding out where.


Latest info below

My Super deep settings , to be used on worked out sites with little or no iron, ridge and furrow e.t.c

Sensitive as the base program

Discrim -6.4 (Discrimination kills the performance)

Sensitivity 98 (or whatever you can get out of it)

Freq shift 3

Iron Vol 1

Reactivity 1

Audio Response 7

5 Tones

B Caps off

Notch off

Silencer 1

Audio out 9

Audio type PWM

This is what i have ended up with as my best settings (at the moment)

I went out for a couple of hours on Sunday to a very, very, worked out site, normally only get 5 or six signals all day !

I got 10 none ferrous signals in 2 hours, the most noteworthy being a Roman Fibula , i got the Signal in a very well battered area, it blew my head off with the above settings, before i dug it up i went through all the pre-set programs with the sensitivity wacked up to 98, none of them gave me any signal at all? so i presumed it would be a fairy deep item whatever it was , imagine how shocked i was to see it was a Fibula at only 3'' deep! so is it how bad are the pre-set programs or how good are mine?

Next signal was a 303 bullet at 12'', easy target (on my settings) but again none of the preset programs gave a signal.

The preset programs are very tame so if you you are using yours on them even with the sensitivity turned up then you you are wasting your time and money

The three settings that make hell on a difference are Reactivity /Audio response and discrimination as a mod on any of the pre-set programs.

Any discrimination used makes a big difference to performance, but is needed in some areas with a lot of iron, nails come in at a very loud number 2 , the signal from all other iron i can live with as it's few and far between on most fields.

Tried notching out the number 2's but again it kills it, so i have knocked up another program with the discrim at 2.5 so i can used it in nail infested areas, albeit, taking a hit on the performance.

Now if XP could do what Minelab have done with the Equinox and put a volume option on the tones then that could sort it and it would become very useable in all metal and would make it probably the best detector on the market!

Just before packing up my latest testing session, i tried again to get some performance out of the Relic mode as a lot of people are using it, still can't get anything out of it that makes me consider using it, or maybe i am missing something? please let me know.

For some reason i then put my settings into Deus Fast program , that was mind blowing, no idea why, i would have thought that would have been the worse of the lot, but the problem with it was it went a lot deeper than the info on the screen, where as on all the other deep programs i have created the on screen info keeps up with the depth allowing you to use it without discrim, because it is very accurate (Unlike the original Deus), could be something to do with the Deus fast program using a single freq like the original Deus

I will work on this one!


Had a go with the legend tonight with the latest update, looks like they have killed it, it's now a Multi freq Simplex .


Due to one thing and another not been out much this year, i meant to kick start this year last Sunday , but it rained all day , so i decided to have a ride around most of the land i have permission on, 50 miles in one and a half hours!

Saw a few fields that had been cut for silage, i hate silage fields all I ever seem to find is junk,


Went on one of the silage fields today, not great, found a few bits but mainly aluminium and other rubbish. To me silage fields are somewhere in between pasture and Stubble, a sort of no man’s land.


Off to Cornwall tomorrow for a week, Deus 11 on the beach should be interesting! still not getting a lot of sense out of it at the moment, waiting for the next update.

Quiet business wise at the moment, just the normal flow of newbie's coming though on their detecting journey , still not sure why all newcomers to the hobby need to detect under water, but that is normally their perception of what detecting is all about??


Back from Hols, normal confusion on arriving home again, no idea of what i have in stock, what i have sold and to whom?

Bought loads of detectors by email whilst away, all are waiting for me on my return, back to reality , takes a few days to remember what i am doing and why!

Had a good week away, Sennen Cove near Lands End , not a lot of beaches down there but very nice ones, Only saw one Detectorist , he was swinging a CTX 3030 around, about a foot above the ground at a great rate of speed never saw him dig a hole not surprisingly!

When i go on a Beach detecting i normally head for the Wet Sand as far as i can get out towards the sea, on the beaches that do not have a lot of battering from the waves, there you get the black sand and stand a chance of finding something i bit more interesting than the 1 pence's etc. you find on the dry sand where everyone sits.

I spent one and an half hours on a Beach, on the dry sand without a single signal, not ever a piece of silver paper, detecting on dry sand with the hope of finding a £1 coin would drive me crazy.

The Deus 2 works well on the wet sand, not a lot of signals but found a few things at 10'' to 12'' , Ring pulls e.t.c , best finds being a 2p a 1 p and a halfpence.

It even works well on the wet sand in dry sand mode, so overall very impressed.


Detected on a stubble field on Sunday, bit rare for me to be on stubble!

All my Pasture sites are rock hard and Detecting on them would leave a lot of dead grass, so on the stubble is the best option at the moment, i went to 4 fields in the middle of nowhere where loads have been found before and they have been well battered, In the morning i got an Edward Penny , a blank cut half and a George 111 Sixpence 1816, most of the finds on these 4 fields have been Silver Coins from every period of time, no idea why?

All this was using the Deus 2, in the afternoon i used the Equinox because i was in an iron infested area, pointless using the Deus , how i use it ,useless in iron.


Detecting this Summer as been very hit and miss due to the obvious lack of rain, 99% of my land is Pasture and has been out of bounds.

I have been doing a few hours here and there on Stubble fields but no doubt they will be seeded soon, had a couple of hours on one just down the road from me last week , it's been battered for 40 years , i still managed to get 15 non ferrous signals on it in my 2 hours, i was being cooked in the field so decided it was home time, my last signal '' on the way back to the car'' after 10 mins digging in rock hard soil out rolled a Henry 111 Penny ! 3 days later the field was seeded.

Can't buy detectors in fast enough at the moment, at this time of writing i only have 3 for sale, i few weeks ago i had 60, hardly getting any part ex's , mostly direct sales.

The detecting scene is changing, how it used to be is you bought a detector and got permissions from a friendly Farmer /Farmers and off you went , bottle of Whisky at Christmas, share a few finds and that was it.

Now the latest thing seems to be countless Clubs/Facebook groups starting up , the Farmer gets a few hundred £ or whatever, and loads of Detectorists get a day out for £20 or whatever, so a lot of people are suddenly coming into the hobby, they no longer need permission, just a detector and some money.

£20 gets you a good day out, better value for money than maybe going to a Football match which will last for a couple of hours and probably cost more,

Getting permission as always been a stumbling block for a lot of people wanting to start their detecting journey, now it's easy, you get to meet a load of like minded people and have a great day out, i know loads of detectorists who are a member of several groups and go out with a different group every week and get to go to different parts of the U.K

Let’s have a look at it from the other side, small clubs are being priced out of the market and having the land they have been detecting on for years for years taken away from them.

Or the detectorist that goes out with a couple of mates every week, and has done for years, the land he/she goes on has become a project and all the finds are recorded suddenly all that is taken away from them and destroyed by a group of 50 plus who have no connection with the land at all.

I know a lot of detectorists (i speak to a lot of people)

Lots of people have packed up detecting after 30 /40 years as their land has been snapped up by these new groups.

Personally, i can see it from both sides, (but i being old school) would not like 20/30/50 or whatever amount of people detecting on land that i have being detecting on for years, luckily this is probably never going to happen to me, but i do feel for others.

I would never go out with any of these groups, not my thing, but each to his own.


The new Minelab Manticore is upon us, some very strong claims about its performance ability, we'll see!

Anyway, i have mine on order, spoke to a few dealers, November /December and March were their estimates, depending on who you speak to

I am quite high up in the pecking order, so should get mine in the first batch, i don't get any favours for being in the business. i am in the same boat as everyone else.

Does not seem to be the same hype with the Manticore as the Equinox.

I'm beach detecting this week (when possible) first outing was about 2 hours, found a 1 pence and 2 two pence's, i will be happier when i get a few pre decimal coins, proves I'm doing something right, just a challenge to myself really.

Only took the Deus 2 with me this week on Hols, trying to travel light! , it's superb on the beach, i use it in Beach sensitive mode with zero discrim , the discrim is excellent and i tell what 99% of targets are (ferrous or non-Ferrous) Crown bottle tops are easy to ID, as is iron, 10 times better than the original Deus


Still not getting out much due to one thing or another, been a non-eventful year for me detecting wise.

I manage the odd hour or two here and there, but it's not like it used to be all day every Sunday no matter what the conditions, things evolve, circumstances change, but I'll get out when i can hopefully for a couple of hours tomorrow on the fields behind where i live, went for an hour there last week and found a Medieval Seal Matrix, amazing what pops up in the middle of nowhere! only the second one i have found, ever.

Loads of detectors coming in as people try to finance the New Minelab and Deus 2, had 22 arrive in 3 days last week, all these have to be cleaned and tested before putting up for sale, as soon as i put them up for sale they are gone, and so it goes on.

Lots of newcomers to the hobby buying on a daily basis, never had so many newbies.


Update- Got up this morning (Sunday) deep joy, Covid, another detecting session missed, this is the story of my year so far! one set back after another, i could have gone out in the fields behind our house no one anywhere near me but i felt like crap.

We had to close because we cannot really turn up at the Post Office with Covid and we don't know how ill we are going to be, so having a few forced days off.


Seem to be back to full fitness now (well close) hoping to go out tomorrow for a few hours, i escaped last Sunday for an hour on a field in walking distance, got a 1817 Sixpence and a 1812 One Penny Token issued by a local copper company, i seem to find quite a few Tokens around this area, no idea why?

I have found over the many years i have been detecting that you seem to get certain items that are common in a local area, around where we now live Copper Tokens and Pilgrims Ampulla's seem to be much more prolific than anywhere else i have ever detected.

Many years ago, when i lived at home, i had permission on all the farms in the village, i use to find loads of lead tokens, probably 200 or more, thought this was normal until i started to detect in other villages /Areas and found none?

I have never ever found a lead token on a Medieval site, all the tokens i have ever found are all in Georgian/Victorian context.

My aim this Winter is to sort all my finds out and to display them all, i like most detectorists have draws full of various bit's and piece's i like to display everything i find and not just the goodies, i have 8 large display cases with finds in them, and have recently bought another 6, they are about 5' 6'' tall by 18'' x 18'' with 5 or 6 shelves i also have about 6 large coin albums

My first aim is to get all the Detecting stuff i have knocking about up for sale, looks like being a busy Winter!


During the last 3 years due to Covid and other events i have got out of the habit of detecting, other things have taken over and my enthusiasm as hit an all-time low, i keep trying but after a few hours i have had enough and want to go home.

For some reason i do not enjoy using the Equinox anymore and have been using my Deus 2, today i got myself revved up for a couple of hours detecting, but it poured down so i did not bother, i was going out to give the Legend another go, sold my original one because the menu did my head in. Spent a while today setting it up and going through the menu again, now i just need to try it on my test bed and tweak it a bit, then hopefully will give it a run out if it stops raining long enough.

Due to the rain this morning i spent 3 hours cleaning a Deus, had it sitting here for a month now and kept looking at and thinking, no, but it had to be cleaned, looks like the previous owner had been detecting in a swamp 24/7 for 2 years!

That's the downside of selling second-hand detectors, hours spent cleaning them, most take about 20 mins but some are a nightmare, a bowl of water can normally clean about 3 to 4 detectors, the Deus today needed 4 bowls on its own,


Went out on Sunday for a few hours, might have been more but we got soaking wet because of a flash thunderstorm.

During the few hours we got to detect we (Myself and K2) found about the same although i with the Legend found twice as many coins, we both dug a similar number of nonferrous targets,

At least the Nokta Legend i was using was waterproof.!

The Legend likes nice round targets, especially the high conductive type, cannot really see much difference between the Legend and Simplex in terms of the performance.

K2 got a good signal with his Deus 2 , i went over it and the Legend gave me an iron reading near the surface, it was an Air rifle pellet, this was using the Ferro check feature, which seems to work in the first 3 inches, quite handy as it tells you the target is shallow, The Legend does not like silver paper and gives a mixed signal, could be useful on certain sites?

Got to do a load more tests with the Legend yet, but it seems to have a use.

Ideal for the modern detectorist who probably goes on a different field every week, either with a Facebook group / Club or similar, what is the point in having a Deus 2 or an Equinox and digging the Air Rifle pellets when you can be running around with a Legend or similar digging obvious signals that are more likely to be a find!


Only had a couple of hours today, we were off walking, so a couple of hours in the morning was about it.

Due to lack of time i decided to go on one of our fields, nearly finished the first 2-acre field, just waiting for the Horses to get the grass down a bit more.

Our other field has had sheds on it in the past, Bonfires, allotments, you name it, so i was expecting a load of junk, not disappointed, everything i dug was a bit of Tractor/Foil/Aluminium, but i did learn a lot about the Legend.

The Legend has got a serious bias towards high conductive signals and is the deepest i have used on them

The Legend does not like low conductive signals.

Field mode is a very 'cup half empty mode' it errs on the side of caution

Park mode is very 'Cup half full mode' very optimistic

I would use it in Park mode, field mode seems to think everything is in doubt, too negative

It does like iron rings/Buckles e,t,c and large iron at depth most of which could have been anything so had to be dug, of course using it all the time you would probably find a way to recognise it?

Before packing up i took it to an iron infested area in a gate entrance, this had been battered by the Equinox and i managed to dig up a piece of aluminium and a section of copper pipe!

The Legend was not great on my iron test bed, but it managed to find these two targets, just goes to show all detectors are different and give different results.


Decided to stay local this Sunday, so went to a permission within walking distance, The Legend was my chosen tool, i'll play with it a bit longer then it can go.

I didn't get many signals but 90% of them were high conductive signals at depth, deepest was i piece of lead at 14''

after an hour or so i had not found anything of interest, i got another high conductive signal and there was a Elizabeth 1 Sixpence at about 8'', 1566, the first Hammered i ever found 40 years ago was the same!


Before the Legend featured on my website and ebay i had to try it one last time, i chose an area of about 100 sq yards , this area has produced loads of finds from Roman to present day, mainly pre decimal coinage but is full of foil /Silver paper so i do tend to ignore a lot of signals that are probably foil, this is not my sort of detecting as i tend to dig anything that makes a noise, but if you dug everything on this site you would be there forever, this area has been battered with every detector you can think of, so i thought the Legend's apparent ability to be not sensitive enough to really get excited when going over foil would be good.

First half an hour i got one signal which was a piece of foil at 3'' , i decided it had to go so, it was not going to be anything special i was on my way back to the car to swap to the Deus 2 , i got a 1944 Brass Threepenny bit at 12'' , so i decided to give it a few more minutes, with a few tweaks it came alive and i was getting a few diggable signals , got a 1951 Half-crown and a 1948,Shilling (both nickel) ,Musket ball, Pewter Button, i could not understand why these targets had been missed before, this 100 sq yard area had had at least 30 days of battering by several different detectors by two of us previously , the Half-crown is a big target to miss, i then realised what was happening , the nickel coils with the previous detectors used would have had the same level of conductivity as a piece of foil , so would have been ignored , the Legend was seeing them as higher conductive targets hence me digging them, the Pewter Button i dug would have given me a lower signal on my Equinox than foil so on this site would have been ignored, interesting that the Legend seemed to have more accurate discrimination levels, but i will have to do a few more tests, next time i will be taking it to a completely different site where there are no signals at all unless you are very lucky, and anything that makes any sort of noise comes out of the ground and is normally Roman, it's defiantly different, my last signal last Sunday was a 1870 Silver Threepenny bit , this was found only a few feet from the Car , this area has been battered , how as this been missed?


Went out mid-week last week, that's rare, but i needed test the Legend on a very worked out Roman site, normally one signal per hour is good going, first two hours i got two signals, both .22 bullets at about 3'', most of the signals are in the 1st few inches due to being a limestone bedrock, but there is deeper soil in the middle, i put the Legend in to 4khz as an experiment , but that was a mistake, my battery went from half full to zero in a matter of seconds!

So i can presume 4khz drains the battery fairly quickly! I will experiment more.

So i got the Deus 2 out and continued to detect, found a 12 bore cartridge case and a .22 bullet in two hours , as well as 3 pieces of lead ore, this can be quite large and weigh quite a lot but give a coke signal, funny enough i did not start to find the Ore until i ground balanced it.

So on to Sunday picked the Legend again, just fascinating me at the moment, my Equinox will be going soon, i just do not use it, and with the 'soon to arrive Manitcore ' on the horizon then it will be totally obsolete.

We (myself and K2) went on the edge of a local village, mainly ridge and furrow, all pasture , K2 using the Deus 2​​​​​​ probably found about the same, but not really been detected on before so a lot of obvious targets, so not really a big challenge, normal buttons /Copper coins coming up , but find of the day must go to K2 who found a small copper container with 4 Charles 11 farthings in it, what a nice find!.


I am told the Manicore will be out next week, who knows?, but now we get hit with the news that there will be a Equinox 700 and 900 coming soon, i feel sorry for the people who have just bought an 800 or 600, prices will now take a dive second-hand wise and probably new, i am going to have to be careful about buying them in.


Christmas Eve, so i would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Lucky new year.

Unfortunately those of us who are waiting will not be getting a Manticore for Christmas, or any time soon by the looks of it.

Not been out for the last couple of weeks due to frozen ground, last Sunday i just did the Farmer Preesy run and learnt a lot about certain fields and their use in the future, but had to drink a lot of Coffee !


Christmas day now gone, back to the nitty gritty, i am using the Nokta Legend at the moment , decided to use it with a bit of threshold, normally this can make a lot of difference , on the speaker it is audible on level one and as you would expect gets louder as you increase the volume, when i use the standard Legend headphones you do not get a threshold hum at all coming though the headphones until volume level is at 10, then it blows your head off, hmm i thought must be the Headphones that are not that great so i tried my August wireless headphones which i think are the best , same again, so not sure what is going on there so next time I'll use wired headphones and see what happens, i am think that it might be the reason that you do not seem to get any dodgy signal with the Legend , it's either a signal or not, no grey areas or dodgy signals that need to be investigated